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Facts about critter control:

Undesirable pests take refuge in the cleanest of homes. Our programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each homeowner we serve. We eliminate ALL pests including: Roaches, ants, silverfish, scorpions, termites, rodents, bees, and much more.

It takes communication, cooperation and consistent service. In order to stop the breeding cycle of insects All Statewide Termite & Pest Control highly recommends a 2 week follow-up after your initial service followed by a regular bi-monthly service plan. As we all know we are in a desert and it is important to know how best to cohabit with the indigenous creatures of Arizona.

Our service includes a thorough treatment of the entire perimeter of your home including fence lines garages, and patios. We pay close attention to the foundation of your home where breeding usually occurs. Using water activated granules in grass areas and shrubs ensures a longer lasting residual effect.

We have different baits for ants depending on the type of ant that is included as well. We use the newest most highly efficient micro-encapsulated product on the market that withstands the harsh UV rays from the Arizona sun for our Bi-Monthly service. Upon request and at no additional charge, we treat the interior of your home with an odorless product, along exposed baseboards, laundry rooms, entryways, concentrating in kitchens and bathrooms under sinks where plumbing meets outside walls.

Prices and services vary due to your unique conditions and square footage. All Statewide Termite & Pest Control's technicians will advise you on how to help us help you!

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Just about everyone knows what a cockroach looks like; they are everywhere. While it is often jokingly stated that if anything could survive a nuclear war, a cockroach could - the idea is clear- they are real survivors.

Types Of Roaches

Most common are the American roach or (sewer roach) which is generally seen outdoors and the German roach which is seen indoors. The presence of cockroaches can lead to a definite impression of uncleanness - especially if your guests see them. The presence of cockroaches can also lead to health problems - including asthma in children. If you have seen cockroaches around your home or business, please call us to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Remember that they increase in numbers very fast (reproduce by hundreds every two weeks). Chances are if you see one or two there may be a hundred more that you have not seen yet. They can be nearly impossible to kick out of your house.Cockroaches live all over the world, but their favorite residence is your house, where they can snack on your food, damage wallpaper and books, and spread germs to you and your family.

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Ant infestation is the most common pest problem reported. These tiny scavengers will enter your home or business looking for moisture and an accessible food source. They feed on sugar, cheese, meats, vegetables, grease, peanut butter, and dead insects. They will eat just about anything they can get their grubby hands on.

Ants live in colonies and are very adept at protecting and maintaining their colony. Outdoor colonies can be as large as 250,000,000 in a colony. Ants often enter a home through cracks around windows or doors, but they can find numerous entrances to your home or building. Once inside, the growing ant colony can quickly become a problem, as ants mature from juveniles to adults within a matter of days.

Few pests are harder to get rid of than ants. To help keep these uninvited guests away, shut down the ant buffet. The cleaner you keep the house, inside and outside, the less they'll have to eat, and the more they'll look elsewhere for goodies. Put pet food bowls in a slightly larger bowl and add some water to the larger bowl, creating a moat around the pet food that the ants can't cross (too bad you can't put one of those around your house)!Treatment is most effective when it is performed near the nest.

If you're tired of stumbling upon a swarm of ants on a regular basis, we are ready to evaluate the extent of your ant infestation and give you a free estimate. We use the minimum amount of the correct treatment designed for a particular type of insect – to give you the fastest and best results possible.

One of the most common, and perhaps most aggravating, insects around the Phoenix area are ants. The weather in Phoenix is very agreeable to ants, and once settled into an area, ant colonies quickly grow. Exterminating these pests will require the help of a professional exterminator because many home remedies often seem to increase egg-laying by the queens, creating even larger colonies.

Phoenix Ants

The 7 Common Ants in Phoenix

1.Argentine Ants

2.Southern Fire Ants

3.California Harvester Ant

4.Black Harvester Ant

5.Velvety Tree Ant

6.Carpenter Ant

7.Odorous Ant

Damage To People And Property

Each of the ants listed above have specific dangers associated with them. Of this list, however, the three most dangerous ants to be concerned about in this area are the Argentine, the Fire, and the Carpenter Ant.

The Argentine ant does not necessarily do anything that would be harmful to humans, such as attacking or swarming, but the breed at such a significant pace that in a matter of a few months a single colony can become several million strong, overtaking a home or property. The Argentine ant is one of the few insects that have multiple queens within one colony, and they have extended life spans compared to other ants. These ant colonies will quickly overtake a property or home making it impossible to live there without professional extermination services.

The Southern Fire ant is a very aggressive ant that is not afraid of people. If the fire ant sees a person or animal approaching it will attack. Fire ant bites are very painful and can cause severe allergic reactions. Even in people who do not necessarily react to insect bites will react to fire ant bites.

Carpenter ants cause the most significant damage to property of all these species. This breed of ants is called “carpenter” because they love wood. They will chew wood and other building materials, destroying any structure from the inside out. Carpenter ants love dark and damp areas to start their colony and then they slowly invade the property until everything edible to them has been used.

Preventing Ants

Ants and Larvae in Phoenix

While it is nearly impossible to prevent ants from invading a property without professional treatments, there are things that you can do to slow their progression and make our property less appealing to the insects. Removing all debris from your yard and piles of yard waste is the first step. Ants love dark and moist places and love piles of yard waste to start their colonies.

Avoid leaving standing water in any area if possible. Ants look for a water source, much like humans, to start their colonies. It is also very important to make sure that you seal cracks in your home foundation and around windows and doors. At the first sign of a colony developing anywhere in your yard, seek treatments to prevent them from spreading.

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The presence of scorpions in your home in phoenix can be overwhelming. Our technicians have extensive experience in get rid of scorpion services and pest prevention. Rest assured, you’ll be scorpion-free. It’s our guarantee.  Phoenix scorpions enjoy cool, dry places.  You’ll find them climbing your stucco walls at night or hiding by your swimming pool during the day.

Phoenix, Arizona is in the top 5 cities in the United States that inhabits the largest population of scorpions. Arizona is also home to the largest scorpions along with the most venomous. The bark scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in North America, and its venom can cause severe pain (coupled with numbness and tingling) in adult humans, typically lasting between 24 to 72 hours. Temporary dysfunction in the area stung is common; e.g. a hand or possibly arm can be immobilized or experience convulsions. It also may cause the loss of breath for a short period of time. Due to the extreme pain induced, many victims describe sensations of electrical jolts after envenomation.

Our method to control is applying product in areas where scorpions frequent and nest, this reduces and controls the scorpion population in and around your home. Regular pest control maintenance also reduces their food source which is crickets, cockroaches and other soft bodied insects.


With the aid of flushing agents our skilled technicians can locate and trap phoenix scorpions with the use of a black light.  Their exoskeleton glows in reaction to the black light revealing their location. Once scorpions are collected and removed from the Phoenix property preventative pesticides are applied.


We treat with liquids, aerosols, dusts and baits to reduce the population of other insects that act as a food source to scorpions.  Reducing the scorpions food source prevents the presence of scorpions.  All scorpion work is guaranteed with a monthly service.


Bark scorpions are the most common species of scorpions in the phoenix area.  They are a nocturnal predator that feeds on a variety of insects. A combination of black-light exclusion and monthly pest prevention is the best formula for elimination.  phoenix bark scorpions have a fairly poisonous sting, and are very dangerous to small pets and toddlers.

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Phoenix Spider Pest Control

There are over 35,000 spiders found around the world. Every continent, including Antarctica, has spiders. All species of spiders are venomous, however many do not have the ability to bite humans due to the size of their mouths. Spiders are predators who hunt for their food and their venom is the way they subdue their prey.

There are over 3,000 varieties of spiders found in the United States. While some spiders prefer to live in specific climates, they are not restricted to any single area. Migration of spiders is often quite common. You can find many different spiders in Phoenix. However the three most common spiders found in Arizona include two of the most dangerous spiders in the country.

Three Common Spiders Found In Phoenix

  • Camel Spider. This very common spider is tan and looks almost like a scorpion at first glance. These spiders love to invade homes and are very common inside and outside. Light brown in color and a little oddly shaped, these spiders have huge mouths and give quite a pinch when they bite. Thankfully, the bites from these spiders are not toxic to humans. However, because they do carry a trace of venom, people who have allergic reactions to insect and spider bites should remain cautious.

  • Black Widow. Known as one of the most venomous spiders in the country, these aggressive spiders have absolutely no fear of people and are not afraid to attack to protect their nests. Female back widows can lay eggs four to eight times during a summer season, making them aggressive for very long periods of time. Many people react to the venom and need emergency care.

  • Brown Recluse. This light brown spider has very long straight legs and can run very fast. The spiders can get very large and are very aggressive. While their venom is not as toxic as the Black Widow, it has a very dangerous enzyme in it that can lead to skin lesions. Many people that are bitten by a brown recluse have to undergo skin grafts at the area of the bite.

Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home

It can be very difficult to keep spiders out of your home without professional treatment. Spiders can easily crawl through openings that are microscopic and they are naturally good at hiding and disguising themselves.

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Dealing with Rats in Phoenix

Rats and other kinds of rodents are always unwelcome guests in a home or business. These pests are known for their destructive habits and for carrying diseases. Residents in the Phoenix area should be aware of these rodents, what to look for to determine if they have an infestation, and what should be done if these rodents are discovered.

The Most Common Rodents in Phoenix

  • Norway Rat. This rat is very destructive. It is a large at, weighing up to one pound, and is considerably long compared to other rats. These rats are scavengers and are attracted to cluttered areas and love garbage. Although there are not a lot of problems with this type of rat in the Phoenix area, they still have been seen on occasion. These rats can breed very quickly, so when one is seen, action should be taken to exterminate the rodent.

  • Roof Rats. The Roof Rat first appeared in the Phoenix Valley area around 1990. It is believed that they made it to the area on imported palm trees. These rats are small in comparison to a Norway Rat, but are still very destructive. Roof Rats are more prone to eating natural foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, but they have been known to dig through garbage when food is scarce. Roof Rats have been a large problem in the Phoenix area because they breed rapidly. Each female rat can have eight babies each litter, and can have up to six litters a year.

  • Field Mice. These small brown mice live in the fields or on farms where they can easily access vegetation to eat. Field mice, however, are omnivores and will eat meat or anything else they determine is safe to eat. Field mice are known to burrow into the ground to get to a food source. Field mice have litters of babies that can easily exceed 14 each time. Stopping the population is necessary because offspring can start reproducing within 8 weeks of birth.

Health Concerns From A Rodent Infestation

Having rodents in your home can be very dangerous. Not only can they cause extensive damage to the home itself, they create health hazards. Rats and mice leave urine and droppings everywhere they scurry. These contaminates have been associated with:

  • Plague

  • Typhus

  • Salmonella

  • Rat Bite Fever

  • Leptospirosis

  • Allergies from fur

  • Asthma

  • Flea infestations

  • Other bacterial infections

What Attracts Rodents

The main thing that attracts rodents to your home is a food source. Additionally, rats will look for a place where they can nest and breed. Rodents prefer clutter and unclean areas because it provides them with a place to hide. Rodents will nest indoors or outdoors, so it is important to also keep the outside of your home uncluttered and clean as well as the inside.

Preventing Rodents Around Your Home

The first thing that you must do is clean up the outside area of your home. You want to remove any excess weeds from around your home and fence areas. Clean up piles of leaves around your yard. If you store firewood, make sure it is at least a foot off of the ground.

Make sure that you keep all of your trash in a tightly sealed trash can. Try to avoid putting food products in the trash by using a garbage disposal. Do not lean trash cans up directly against your home.

Check your windows and doors for spaces that may allow light to shine through. Rodents can squeeze through very small places and will attempt to do so if they see light or can smell food from inside your home. Look for cracks in your foundation and check your roof vents very carefully. Use steel wool to fill gaps, and make sure that your dryer vent has a mesh screen over it to block entrance to your home. Make sure to secure pet doors at night.

When To Call An Exterminator

Rodents are more than a nuisance, they are a health risk. If you find any evidence of rats or mice in your home, it is advisable to call an exterminator immediately. While some over-the-counter extermination methods may have a little impact on a rodent infestation, they may not be aggressive enough to stop the problem.

Rats and mice breed quickly and the sighting of one mouse or rat could actually lead to hundreds of them within a few months if not treated. A professional exterminator can quickly stop the infestation which will allow you to retake control of your home. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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All Statewide Pest Control of Phoenix are experts at driving away pigeons without mess or hassle.  Pigeon flock size is determined purely by available food, which they pick up from the ground.  Usually, when pesky pigeons have infested your roof, chimney, gutters, cornices, wall tops, gables, antennas, or fences, they are overlooking an area where food is easy to obtain.  The mess they can make is colossal.

If a flock of pigeons in Phoenix has easy access to food, no amount of extermination will remove them.  They simply won’t move on until there’s no food left.  The best pest control option in these circumstances is to remove their vantage points.  Pigeons won’t stay in a place from which they can’t survey their feeding grounds.  Pigeon spikes or netting are fully effective solutions when applied by a professional.  The spikes have a very low visibiliy from a distance, and keep pigeons from landing on any of their favorite roosting places.

Pigeons breed year round in Phoenix, so it’s always the best time to act.  When they start flocking, they won’t go away until their food is gone or they have no place to roost.  Get the information you want and the cleaning techniques you need by calling All statewide Pest Control as soon as possible.

Pigeon removal and waste clean up for Phoenix


Clearing the area of all pigeon droppings is the first step in our Phoenix pigeon clean up process.  Next, we use natural enzymes to disinfect all surrounding areas. Once all areas are dry, they are ready for one of our deterrent services.


Pigeon Spikes are used to prevent pigeons from perching on unwanted areas.  We use the highest quality spikes available on the market.  Their sleek stainless steel design make the spikes difficult to see from a distance.  All spiked areas are guaranteed for a minimum of one year.

Pigeon control via netting in Phoenix, Az and surrounding areas.


Netting is used to prevent access to pigeons in nesting or couping areas.  Blocking the pigeons access from its protected shelter forces them to relocate from the treated area to another part of Phoenix or the surrounding  desert.  All netting treatments are guaranteed for a minimum of one year.

Scaring away pigeons in Phoenix


Scare tactics are usually only effective with new pigeon problems.  Once the pigeons have established a nesting area, more aggressive measures are required to deter the pigeons.  Examples of scare tactics include owls, streamers, and noise machines.  Scare tactics have no guarantee.

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Our trained professionals use state of the art equipment to identify and eliminate bees. Our Phoenix technicians can remove the entire honeycomb, reducing the chance for future infestations.


Africanized honey bees are a legitimate threat to the Phoenix area.  They are aggressive and can prove deadly.  Call a professional immediately if you discover a colony on your property.

A colony of bees ready for pest control and removal.


Three methods of control are used to guarantee results: aerosols, liquids, and dusting treatments flush out and eliminate the colony, preventing future infestations in Las Vegas. Treatments are guaranteed up to 90 days.

A bee honeycomb, a nice part of bee removal in Phoenix


The key to preventing future Phoenix bee infestations is honeycomb removal.  Honeycombs that are treated and not removed carry pheromone scents. This attracts future colonies once the pesticides break down.

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In the world of pest control, bed bugs are the most challenging species to eliminate. Bed bug removal in Phoenix requires a combined effort from the customer and a pest control professional.

Phoenix bed bugs are very small and elusive making them difficult to detect.  Bed bugs hide within the folds of all types fabrics, including clothing, curtains, carpets, and within  the edges of mattresses. They lay hundreds of eggs within these areas and can create major infestations quickly without detection.  Bed bugs feed on blood and can cause reactions such as rashes and skin discomfort within their hosts.

Bed bugs are generally active at night, but will travel and feed during the day if necessary.   These pests find their human hosts, first, by detecting carbon dioxide released from breathing, then by warmth radiating from the body. Although bed bugs are parasites, they do not live on their hosts.  After feeding, they find places to hide and congregate.  They can seemingly vanish into your sofa, luggage, between mattresses, electrical sockets… almost anywhere.  In Phoenix, adult bed bugs can survive for up to one year without food, although they will attempt to feed every five to ten days. Bedbug infestations occur quickly and require immediate action for treatment. Delaying bed bug elimination treatment in Phoenix has costly consequences.  The consequences include loss of personal belongings and furnishings and the possibility of contracting one of the many diseases bed bugs carry.

All Statewide Pest Control of Phoenix guarantees bed bug and other pest elimination in conjunction with ongoing monthly preventative treatments. We partner with the customer to ensure a successful bed bug elimination. Call us today if you suspect a bed bug infestation is developing in your home.


All fabrics, (clothing, curtains, shoes, purses, bath mats, bedding, towels, etc) must be removed from the Phoenix property, laundered and dried at the highest temperature possible prior to treatment  All dressers and drawers must be emptied. These items cannot return to the property until 7 days after initial service is completed.


We apply a crack and crevice treatment with specialized products labeled for bedbugs. Then we treat the entire foundation with liquid residual pesticides. A dust pesticide is then injected into the interior walls via electrical boxes. All remaining, emptied furniture, is treated with specialized products.


The highest-grade bedbug covers are used to trap bedbugs in the mattress and box spring which they are infesting. Large objects, such as furniture, are treated by our technicians then  steam is applied to any areas of fabric to eliminate remaining Phoenix bedbugs.

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